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Ladies lift Here

In 2012, there was a massive shift in the world of women’s strongman, and Ladies Lift Here was at the forefront of the movement.

Ladies Lift Here began as a strength movement providing support, education and training to help women lift with confidence, show their support and share their story!


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The Ladies Lift Here Story

Strongman is already a niche corner of strength sports (think Crossfit, only heavier). And for the first 30 years, it was predominantly male athletes. As the sport gained popularity, there was a rise in the number of interested woman, but how to entice more females to participate and grow and nurture their involvement? Ladies Lift Here was created.

The Problem : 

How do you create a brand that embodies a women’s movement in strength sports; to make women feel represented, celebrated, seen and heard in their niche?

the Solution : 

Design a symbol that empowers and unites, a symbol to represent the community. Something with attitude. Something with a voice. A champion. A mascot.


She embodies strength, power, with a bit of edge, sex appeal, rock’n’roll, tattoos and lifting weights. 

She’s an original. Her own woman. Hand crafted. 

She’s confident. And proud. And sexy. She has delts, and hips, and heels. She’s strength and femininity all in one.

She’s a reminder that women are becoming a huge part of the strongman community.

But most importantly, she’s meant to be fun, to stand as a reminder that athletes all do this for the love. Love for themselves, for their sport, for their fellow athletes and the enjoyment they get out of the process. To become the women they want to be. To change their own perceptions and society’s. To be strong.


Rosie became a social media hit after a giant dumbbell made an appearance at the Arnold Sports Festival. And Ladies Lift Here received press attention from Strong Magazine, The Washington Post, Rutgers and Vice Media.

A Community of Strength

Ladies Lift Here was able to unite women all over the country through their online platform. They utilized their website to post relevant articles and maintained an online ecommerce shop, which housed a full line of apparel from t-shirts to socks to beanies.

Through brand consistency and saturation, they became a nationally recognizable name in strength sports. 

Most importantly, taking chances and having fun with their brand, helped them to succeed as a company. They understood that success goes beyond Instagram likes, and is more about forging relationships.

The numbers

From the time we began working with Ladies Lift Here in 2012, their social following, engagement rates across social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and conversion rate from eblasts continued to rise.

Customer satisfaction surverys sent out after live events were overwhelmingly positive, and feedback was collected and implemented. All of positive social media resulted in 13 articles written in national publications which featured Ladies Lift Here athletes, apparel and photography.

  • Conversion Rate – 75%
  • Engagement rate – 45%
  • Social Following – 85%

In-Person Events


National Publications

T-Shirts Sold

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