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Have an old website? Need a new one? Businesses that do not have a website (or have an out of date site) are missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them! Not only is your site accessible 24/7, it can be seen by anyone, anywhere! The majority of Americans go online to search for food choices, business services and recreational activities. Studies have shown that they want sites that stay current, easy to use and mobile friendly.

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What does your current logo represent? When potential clients are first exposed to your brand, what do they feel? What is the first impression you hope to leave them with? A logo is the first entry point to your business so it is important that it communicates what your company is about. Logos can show that your business is trustworthy, established, professional, fun, strong, etc.

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Does your business have Facebook? It should! What about Instagram? Twitter? YouTube? Social media is a tool, much like a website, that can be utilized to broaden your potential reach. It is available to customers 24/7 and can provide valuable information about your business (contact information, location, reviews, etc.) in a place they are already looking! Because of this, it is important that your page reflect the look and feel of your business.

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Do you keep your business cards with you? Business cards are a simple item that can easily be overlooked, yet are still a very effective networking tool. Let Hearth help you design all of your print needs – from business cards to brochures, flyers to billboards. We can make sure your staff look great in matching apparel, that your newspaper advertisement stands out and that your invoices look professional!

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What do McDonald’s, Nike, Microsoft, Pepsi and Ford all have in common? They are all huge companies, with great brand recognition and millions of customers and they still advertise! They advertise on television and radio and billboards, in newspapers and direct mail, through eblasts and flyers and social media – all of which are great avenues for your business, too!

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What can really make your company stand out? Custom photography from Hearth! Professional photos of your product or people can really show off your business and be used across a number of materials. They can be used for your website, advertisements and marketing materials, your social media, inside your establishment – the possibilities are endless!

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